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Don’t Be Deluded, Make Sure It’s Included

Ask for No Surprises

Make Sure You Know What is Included and What Isn’t Before You Sign

We all know when the price looks too good to be true it probably is. Yet sometimes it is too tempting to ignore. Like the way the advertised price of airfares looks so good. Until you realise that price isn’t exactly what you expect. Do you want a seat with that? Oh, you want to bring some luggage? How about a meal? Suddenly the price doesn’t look so flash.

The same traps exist in the home building market. Can you get by without a dishwasher in the kitchen? Some builders seem to think you can, so a dishwasher is an option that gets added to the base price.

But it gets worse than appliances. For some builders, the very foundations, the piers that are required to connect the home you’ve just bought to the ground, are regarded as an extra. Seriously!

No one likes nasty surprises. So, before you sign any contract, you need to make certain that everything you expect will be included in the price is clearly stated, in writing.

For example, what appliances and fittings are included in a kitchen or bathroom? Ideally, your builder will make this crystal clear. With our homes, everything is included in our base price, including the piers. You can choose to upgrade things like taps and floorcoverings if you wish, but you will never be surprised that these essential items are not included in the base home.

Double-check the things you can’t see

Understandably, people get excited about buying a new home. It is a big deal. But you must make sure you methodically check what is and isn’t included. You should also check on the things that you can’t necessarily see. For example, what insulation, if any, is included? In our homes, we include wall, ceiling and under-roof insulation achieving more than a five-star BASIX/EER rating. Many other builders will not include full insulation. Yet, not only will proper insulation make your home infinitely more liveable, but it will also save you thousands of dollars every year on energy. What’s more, standards for things like insulation are only going to get higher in the years ahead.

Another trap for buyers is the special promotion or special offer. Such tactics are usually designed to distract you from matters of substance and hurry your buying decision. We all know specials don’t last and we all feel the FOMO pressure. But smart buyers are not distracted by these gimmicks.

Is the display home you’re home?

Finally, compare the display home to the specifications of the home you are buying. In many cases, the display home will have features that are simply not included in the package you sign up for. So take the time, go room by room, with the written specifications in hand, and confirm exactly what is and isn’t included.

No surprises are part of our philosophy. We want satisfied customers. Customers who love their homes and tell their friends to call Tempo Living. And that won’t happen if you feel you didn’t get what you paid for.

Next in this series, we will put together a value-for-money checklist covering all the big factors you need to consider.

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