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Home designs for small blocks are our specialty. And if you’re in the market to build a new home, you’ll already know that land prices are at an all-time high, and continuing to rise. We know: it all sounds a tad depressing. But a smaller block – or a narrow block – doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the size of your house and yard. You can buy a smaller block, save some cash, and end up with exactly the same indoor and outdoor space as someone who spent more on a larger block. It’s all about clever design, efficient use of space and attention to the little details – and Tempo Living homes have that in spades. Just look for the tick, and you’ll know we created the design to suit small blocks.
Home designs ideal for small and narrow blocks



Suits 9m wide lot


Suits 10m wide lot


Suits 12.5m wide lot


Suits 9m wide lot


Suits 10m wide lot


Suits 8m wide lot


Suits 13.7m wide lot


Suits 15m wide lot


Suits 14.2m wide lot

Worried about the amount of outdoor space you’ll have on a small or narrow block? Don’t be!

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Small lot solutions Wave II design

How to make the most out of your block size

Tempo Living’s team will help you make the best decision on which design is right for your block and lifestyle, but here’s a few expert tips that will help you save some cash. If you’re building with us, we’ve already taken care of all of these little details, so rest easy – we’ll make sure you’re getting the right design that doesn’t waste space, has the right orientation to reduce heating and cooling costs, and doesn’t need altering.
1. Select a home that suits the lot you have chosen, rather than falling in love with a design and then making changes to fit your lot.
Changes incur additional design, drafting, estimating and construction costs, so if you alter the design expect to pay a premium.
2. If you do make changes, make sure they are worth it.
Has a HIA Greensmart Professional assessed your changes to ensure that you create a functional design that considers thermal performance, which will in turn save on heating and cooling costs? And will your amended design provide the best value for your lot? Tempo Living’s Innovation Team are qualified HIA Greensmart Professionals, so we will make sure your choices are the right ones for your block and lifestyle.
3. Choose a design that meets your accommodation needs rather than selecting the largest home that appears to fit your lot.
Just because a home has more square metres, it does not mean it is better value. Does the floorplan flow and provide good use of space? Wasted space equates to greater costs to heat and cool. Not paying attention to orientation also leads to high heating and cooling costs – will your private open space take advantage of northerly sun? Are living rooms shaded from hot westerly sun?
4. Find a balance between selecting the maximum size home that fits your block and one that has good thermal performance.
Good thermal performance equals lower heating and cooling bills. Have windows been placed to maximise warming sunshine and reduce afternoon hot sun in summer? If the home has eaves check to see if they are located in easements, because that leads to longer approvals. deleting the eaves and greater BASIX costs.
5. Consider the location of services such as rainwater tanks and AC units so that they are not an afterthought.
A poorly-placed watertank will eat into your open space, while placement of AC Outdoor Units can compromise warranty.

Why Tempo Living is the right builder for your small block

Our team works with architects to create homes that we would be proud to live in. They have great street appeal and timeless facades – but they also have incredibly functional designs with a lot of attention paid to the little details. Our narrow block house designs are efficient, without wasted space, which means they are more cost-effective when it comes to heating and cooling. Our homes are also considerate of our environment, and exceed minimum BASIX requirements at no extra cost. Our team is incredibly experienced, and we know what will work on your block – we will give you a home and a lifestyle that you will love. And best of all, we offer a 10-10-20 Guarantee that means you’ll know exactly what you are building and paying for, and when you will be moving in.


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